Customer Reviews

  1. George N.

    Took a while to receive my order but they are very comfortable and I get compliments every time I wear them! Thinking of ordering another pair.😊
  2. Kelly Osborns

    Love it so much. My friends are all asking me where I bought them
  3. Peter

    These are very comfortable and look so nice <3 Love them :-*
  4. Michael Phelps

    This is my most favorite jacket of all time
  5. Hunter

    They cam in a bag which was annoying was expecting a Jordan box a bit smooshed can’t tell if there actually Jordan’s and a bit sketched out looks cool tho
  6. kayley

    The shoes look great! Didn’t take to long to get here.
  7. Martin

    Using this review to see if scam
  8. Hendric Dodad

  9. Siyeh Cornish

    They're really nice! I love them <3 <3 <3
  10. Alison Schnapp

    Is really good babys
  11. Crocheted Guinea Pig

    Loved the sunshade. was ashamed to not see any more with guinea pigs on them.
  12. Ronaldo Cruz

    Nicely done.
  13. Mohammad Parvazram

  14. Justin Wollenbecker

    Came in a bad box but really comfortable and awesome look. About to get another pair
  15. Theia

    Overall I like the shoes, they are very comfortable, but the are a little too tight for me. I got a size 8 assuming they'd fit fine but they don't. But once again, overall I like them.
  16. Henley Hawkins

    The color is so nice. Quality of the shoes is fine. Worth the money. Will buy another if possible lol
  17. Francis Dorsey

    I prefer this style than the King of Godzilla version. Bought it from an ad in Facebook. The quality is better than I thought. My friends are all asking me where I bought them. Nice. Thanks
  18. Ceri Aguilar

    The shoes fit with my usual outfit. Fast shipping Love it so much. 5 stars to you guys
  19. Joe Hahn

    The mixture between Snoopy and US flag is kinda cute to me. Anw, next month is 4th of July so I think this was a great gift to my boy. He received it yesterday and added to his shoes collection. Quality is actually good, shipping time is quite fast Thank you
  20. Kory Bate

    4th of July coming. This shoes is too cute to miss. I place it here and it took some time to manufacture but the shipping was very fine. I have it on my feet now and every one loves it!
  21. Darnell Bernal

    "Saw this right after watching the movie Godzilla. I bought it as a gift for my cousin's birthday. He likes it so much! The shipping was fast and the quality is ok. Recommended"
  22. Jason

    Really nice shoes, but I've found the black ones in my email today :((
  23. Sonnie Dougherty

    Bape mixes with Yeezy. Nice idea! Shoes are okay with the price. Hope to get promotions from the shop 😀
  24. Sommer Rivera

    I'm a fan of Dragon Ball, and tbh, nowadays it's hard to find a nice DB's custom product. Saw this and bought it right away. Took a few days to receive the shoes and it's good. It's one of a kind
  25. Kezia Farmer

    My little son loves Stitch so I bought this for his birthday and he is so happy. The shoes fits with him so much. Thank you!!!
  26. Krystal Bauer

    Happen to see this product on Facebook. Ordered it and received! The quality is fine and the design is way too cute. Pokemon fans here My friends are all asking me where I got this and I totally recommend this store for a lot of amazing shoes!
  27. Clinton Spears

    These are very comfortable. I got many compliments and they kept me balanced and my feet never got tired during the 10 hrs. of wearing them standing and walking about.
  28. Eloise Woodward

    Love the shoes and the fit is great. I have enjoyed wearing and get a lot of compliments on the shoes.
  29. Olli Mccartney

    Kamehameha from my childhood 😉
  30. Joy

    Excellent! Thank you
  31. Tommy D.

    I will be purchasing more in the future.
  32. Kathleen Massop

    Everyone comments on how beautiful our shoes are and we love wearing them 😉
  33. Laurie Krauss

    I bought these for my daughter, who is a nurse. She is on her feet for 12-hour shifts and they are very comfortable as well as cute. They have to wear scrubs all the time, so this is a way to express individuality and fashion. She gets compliments on them all the time. She has three pair of your shoes.
  34. Lola Higgs

    Very comfortable shoes. My daughter stole them from me that's how good they are.
  35. Anaya Horton

    These are very comfortable shoes and the service is fantastic!
  36. Elise Marquez

    I fell in love with my sneakers awhile ago. I have been going to a foot doctor for quite some time and she told me that I needed shoes with good support. Well I already had these and she showed me how to see if they are good support. Well I did the test and they passed with flying colors. Today I had an appointment with my foot Dr.and she saw my shoes and commented on how cute they were but how they probably did not have any support. I asked her to go ahead and do the test so she did and now her and her whole staff plan on buying shoes from here!! She also said she finally had a place she where she can refer her patients.
  37. Levi Huang

    These sneakers are just too cute. After all, everyone deserves cute shoes!
  38. Sharon A.

    I've gotten so may compliments on this design. So beautiful, love it!